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My Services

High Quality and Affordable Provides a vast array of services. From Custom Beats, Audio Mastering Services, Exclusive Beats, Affordable Beat Leases, Song Remixes/Remakes, Graphic Art Design. You name it we can provide it! For special request get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

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Exclusive Leases

Make Music History

JasonXBeats offers exclusive licensing to any artist looking to own full rights to any beat on this site, whether its a custom beat, already made, or even a beat with hook, JasonXBeats provides any style beat exclusively for your needs. View pricing options by clicking the button below.

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Non Exclusive Leases

Affordable Beats.

JasonXBeats provides music artist the option to lease any of our professional industry standard beats, at low affordable prices to use for an album, mixtape, and or performance. Producers retain the right to sell and re-sell the same beats to as many new customers as they desire. Non-exclusive beats can also be used for YouTube Videos, Background Music, or social media sites such as Myspace, Soundclick, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc. Browse our beat by clicking the button below.

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Custom Beats

Your Beat, Made Your Way.

If your an artist and or rapper looking for a custom made beat/instrumental, look no further! JasonXBeats can practically make any style beat you need, want, or desire! Custom beats can be purchased exclusively or non exclusively. Take a look at our competitive custom beat prices below.

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Mastering Services

Sound Like The Pros.

If your looking for industry standard mastering quality, whether it be for your vocals, beats, album, or full tracked out songs. Then your in the right place! Let JasonXBeats master your hit song or beat at a low amazing price starting at $20.00! (Files for mastering must be in wav format) More info below.

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Ghostwriting Services

The Writers Block Central.

If you suffer from writers block and need a catchy, verse, hook, or even a full song, JasonXBeats has you covered. With years of writing and developing strong wordplay for verses, catchy hooks, and story telling, our team of ghostwriters at JasonXBeats can write any style of song you want.

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20 Free Beats

Sign Up Required

If your on a budget like most of us hungry artist out here, then you know the importance of the word FREE. By signing up with JasonXBeats you get access to our free beat section which contains so many different styles of beats to choose from! does it like no one else with 20 free beats to choose from, why go anywhere else? Head over to the free beat section by clicking below.

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Graphics and Web Design

Website Design, Logo Design and More.

JasonXBeats specializes in graphic designs such as Logos, Videos with Special FX, Album Artwork, Animated Advertizement Design (GIF), and so much more! We also specialize in web design (HTML, CSS, PHP). Contact JasonXBeats for any questions about our graphics and design services.

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