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About Me

A Liitle Bit About Myself


A Little Bit About Me

Music is why I live, breathe, and love.

“Beats and singing hooks were always my passion. I actually started messing around with graphic design at a young age and have always had a flair for artwork, web design, and promotion, but I always found myself coming back to creating beats with hooks. Even Freestyles”

Jason X (Owner, Founder) has been producing beats since a young age.

He has established himself as one of Florida’s most current beat producers working for the likes of Nike, Adidas, and many other well respected figures in the sport’s and entertainment world.

So after a decade of writing and producing professionally for other artists on the side, Jason decided to launch – a website dedicated to professionals, and amateurs alike, who needed exclusive and custom made beats for their projects.

Jason X offers custom made beats, audio mastering, mixing, or even vocal mastering, the list goes on and on.

It doesn’t stop at the artist, as mentioned above Jason has worked on projects for some of the Globe’s finest, and it’s only getting bigger!

Jason, 29, lives in Florida with his long term girlfriend. “When we’re not kicking back, Im holed up in my lab, which to be honest, is most of the time, she’s very tolerant of my passion and allows me to shine creatively” is designed with you, the aspiring musician in mind.

I work with a plethora of talented artist, producers and bring a decade of experience together for you and your special project.

Whether you need hooks, beats, art, mastering or writing – At I can truly craft some amazing work. We have worked with the best and consider ourselves part of the elite.

Not only are we some of the best out there, we’re also massively competitive. We dare you to find a similar service cheaper. Our talent really knows no bounds. If you like a particular style, let us know what it is and we’ll deliver.