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Custom Made Beats

Your Music / Made Your Way

I have been making custom made beats for years and have created sounds for some of the industries top brands such as Nike, and Adidas. JasonXBeats has made beats for sports internet reporter Elie Seckbach, the list goes on and on. Custom Beats? It all starts in the beat. The singer follows the beat, the guitar follows the beat, the piano follows the beat! So why have a beat that sounds like an obvious Garageband file? Having an exclusive beat on your track can help make or break a tune. Look at Timbaland, Dr Dre, or Scott Storch, etc… the list goes on and on. They transformed an artist album through beats alone. I have been creating beats first and foremost before I was doing anything else. So let me craft something unique and magical for you. You can check out some of my work or examples throughout my Beat Store, or why not download some of my Free Beats to get an idea of what we can create together.

Why buy a Custom Beat?

Most artist in this industry want to replicate or become another artist that is successful and prominent at the moment in time they live in. Why? Why not sound like you? Why not become someone that someone else wants to sound like in the future or at the current moment? That is where custom made beats come in. When you buy a custom made beat by me you own it fully. You have unlimited control with it there are no limits, you can resell it you can pretty much do anything with it its yours and yours alone. Make a profit from it or even lease it. 

Check out the low prices below to see what fits your music or song budget the best.

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